All of our adoptable dogs have been microchipped, neutered and up-to-date on all their vaccinations. They have received medical care and training, if needed. We want to match our doxies with best family/home for their personalities, temperaments and needs.

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Zoie, 4 years

Zoie, more than anything, is a cuddle-bug/lap-dog. She is a people pleaser and wants to be with her people all the time. She attached really quickly/strongly to her foster mom and warmed up well with the rest of the family over a few weeks. She is typically quiet in the house, but sometimes barks at neighbor dogs through the fence and when someone new enters the house.

She was fairly reserved at first but does have a playful/adventurous side. She likes to be the center of attention and will get in the middle of whatever you’re doing if she can (board games on the floor are tough).

She likes car rides and walks, but wherever you go she just wants to be close to you.

She didn’t eat well for a few weeks after her transition and is a bit picky, but does eat well now. As far as potty routine, she does best when regularly offered opportunities to go outside. Sometimes her cues are subtle and can be missed, leading to a small puddle on the floor.

If you are interested in Zoie, please click here to fill out an application.