Mile High Dachshunds Rescue always has the best interest of the dachshunds at heart. Because we accept these dogs into our care, it is our responsibility to place them in homes that will provide them with love and healthy living conditions for their specific personalities. 

When you are ready to adopt, we ask you to complete our friendly screening process, which ensures safe and successful adoptions! Below are some of things to expect:

  • Fill out the Adoption Application and include the name of the dachshund that you’d like to adopt.
  • If we see a possible match, we will have a brief conversation with you to find out about your daily schedule, experience with dachshunds & other pets.
  • If you have a veterinarian, we will call their office as a reference and to make sure that your previous pets have been spayed/neutered, vaccinated and well cared for.
  • We will visit your home to see where the dachshund will live and answer your questions.
  • We do not adopt to homes outside of Colorado.
  • We rarely place dogs with families with children under 8 years old.¬†This policy is for your safety as we do not have the background with most dogs as to know how they are with small children.
  • Please remember that an application does not guarantee an adoption.
  • All adopters will be required to sign a contract. In the event the adoptable dog doesn’t work out, our contract specifies the dog is to be returned to Mile High Dachshunds Rescue. Additionally, we have the right to reclaim any dog which is kept under conditions violating the contract agreement.